The Planet of New Beginnings + Independence Day 

The Planet of New Beginnings + Independence Day 

Small green sprout that is breaking through soil at the corner of a broken paver tile


This year marks a significant birthday for the USA, a milestone year of our Pluto return. 


When I was in high school, I spent a lot of time in the Barnes and Noble at the Paseo Nuevo mall in Santa Barbara. In the center of the store, I remember a stone fireplace and that is where I would take the heavy stack of astrology books that I picked out for reading while my family was shopping. 


While astrology is something that I was fascinated by in my younger years, I believe it was also building a foundation (Line 1 in HD) for what would come later. My experimentation in human design. 


Pluto Return: 248 year cycle to complete a single revolution around the zodiac. This is a revisiting cycle of why our founders sought independence from the authority of Great Britain and the supreme authority of the Monarch on July 4, 1776.


US Themes: Leaving ruling authority, independence for the people, creating new laws, laws not carried by the government belong to the people. Shadow themes: Colonization, disease, women withheld from political positions, George Washington's role was to lead the Continental Army in 1775, thus carrying the primary role of President as someone to lead in war to “maintain an army in the field at all times”, Jefferson wanted to declare slavery unlawful in the Constitution, but the rest of our founders did not, so it was removed.  Discoveries: Smallpox inoculation via threads into the skin, Treaty of Alliance with France, Spain, and the Netherlands (1778)


Interesting note: The original 13 colonies became states on Sept 9, 1776, So July 4 is *technically* the birth of our 13 colonies and August 21, 1959 is when our 50 States become the USA.


"The appointment of a woman to office is an innovation for which the public is not prepared, nor I." (As cited in Miller, 1995, p. 184).


I am writing with the energy of my sun in cancer within the zodiac, which will always be from the perspective of the embodiment of a nourished life.


So, Pluto imagined within the US chart, is the seed of shadow themes that is now breaking through the soil of awareness. If, in this example, the soil is the subconscious, then an agitation and breakthrough awareness is revealed to the collective consciousness. Our collective awareness can either crush the new reveal, or we can witness the sprouting reveal and choose to embody the changes that will allow a greater harvest for all. The key in this metaphor, is the health of the soil through the personal embodiment of change.


Simply put, what has happened on our US soil to either bear fruit of love, freedom of choice and unity, or promote the rise of another outer authority and single rule either upon ourself or upon others? If our unity was founded on “power for the good of the people to ensure domestic tranquility for all” then this Pluto return is here to revisit that. 


In gardening, there is a practice of pulling weeds. We believe the weeds are overwhelming the vegetation or, more often, they show us something we don't like to see. But we may remember, the weed will only grow when the soil has become too dry and hard to be fertile, when it has lost its vitality to support the creation of life. The weed acts quickly to grow and break up the soil once again. That is why their roots go deep and strong. Could the weeds be the will of the people here to disrupt the hardened soil?


So as we celebrate the 4th of July this weekend, the birthday of our Unity as 13 independent colonies that would later become 50 States and who believe in using our power for the good of all, we can either get mad at the weeds, or we can take them as an indication that we need to nourish back our soil. My hope is that because you and I have found one another in this lifetime, we have the capacity to see what our soil needs and use our inherent power as intuitive women, nurturers and creators to be the unity, be the vitality, be the nourishment that we need to provide a more sturdy foundation of domestic tranquility and unity for generations to come.

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