5 Simple Steps to a Cleaner Closet (and Clearer Mind)

One of my favorite phrases is “New Year, New Me” because I liken it to a snake shedding a skin that just no longer fits. You've grown, you've evolved, you've created goals to strive towards and you want to see it in order to be it.


 I LOVE trying new things, showing up for myself in new ways, and my most recent discovery - how the practice of Bana, or clothing as a reflection of your consciousness, can be a beautiful way to commit to your highest frequency.


Even though Bana is an ancient practice, it immediately resonates with me and our modern day, and I thought it might with you too!

In order to get to that kind of relationship with our clothes, it feels like we also have to be able to tell what doesn't reflect who we are anymore. And it doesn't matter where you are on your style journey, if it doesn't “fit”, it needs to go onto its next life - clothing swap, eBay or otherwise.


Some of my absolute favorite experiences have been clothing swaps hosted by Slow Fashion Diary but sometimes its ok to fill up a bag for your local thrift store. Many use those clothes to raise money for local charities and shelters. 


Ok, now onto our practice: Letting. It. Go.


  1. Pull everything out of your closet. Clothes, shoes, everything.

  1. Try it on, all of it. 

  1. Does it make you feel radiant when you put it on? Separate yes and no piles.

  1. Put all the “No”s into a bag or box to donate. 

  1. Organize your yes pile by color and type (shirts, pants, dresses) and return back to our closet.

Now get ready to call your girlfriends, schedule a “Ladies Who Lunch” date together and just feel into the best version of yourself, with the people who have seen it in you all along!

Valentino Spring 2022 Couture (source: vogue runway)