A Beginners Guide to Homeopathy



What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy (pronounced ho-me-ah-pa-thee)

Founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in the late 1700's after discovering a remedy from the bark of a cinchona tree, given to a healthy person, would produce the same effects as what would be caused by malaria. It was this discovery that formed the "like cures like" approach to holistic medicine. This idea that the effect will be "proven" in a healthy person is the basis for all selections. And thus, for a person with Malaria, cinchona would be the correct treatment.


How does it work?

Each remedy is labeled by it's origin source with a number next to it. For example, Phosphorus + (6C, 30C, 200C)and is distilled from a "Mother Tincture". The Mother Tincture is the remedy at full potency, but the goal is to distill down to energetic profiles as many sources at full potency can be dangerous. The energetic profile, however, will match to create equilibrium within your physical body.


How do you choose a remedy?

When you asses yourself (or family member) for a remedy, you will take a holistic approach. What is the ailment and duration (stomach ache, acute v. chronic), what is the person's natural energy profile (active v. mellow), and what is the person's mental and emotional state (nervous, angry, apathetic, scared). From there, you will begin introductions of your remedy. You are showing your body this new energy wants to enter the system, so start with a 6C which is a short term dose, and it the person feels improvement, you can introduce a 30C. For chronic conditions, you would eventually move into 200C. The Materia Medica by Joette Calabrese is a wonderful resource, or start inquiring with other families, Chiropractors and homeopaths.


Is it safe for kids and pets?

Remedies are considered energetic medicine that interacts with our vital life force. They carry the energy of their mother tincture, but not the actual physical properties. Remedies are safe to administer to kids and pets. I dilute them in water or a sip cup for kids who may want to chew on them rather than letting them dissolve under the tongue. Its important for the remedy to dissolve into the mucus membrane. As for pets, you can drop them into their bowl of water, apply topically and even let them lick it from your palm. 


I'm ready, where can I find them?

Most remedies are easily found at a your local natural health food store. In California, we have a store called Sprouts that carries a huge variety of remedies from the brand Boiron. They use the signature blue and violet tubes to indicate their remedies. You can also order online through iHerb and PureFormulas.com and while they are available on Amazon, I have heard of too many stories of fake remedies so I would steer clear and support local health food stores and online specialists for now. 


As with any wellness products, it's important to gauge your readiness for a change. Its hard to administer change in the thick of an emergency because our stress hormones can sometimes override common sense, but the more you study in advance, the more ready you will intuitively recollect the right remedy to admister to yourself, your family and even your pets. And finally, keep a wellness journal to remember (1) Remedy name and potency, (2) Date and season and (3) Emotional and physical imbalance before and improvements after the remedy is administered.


You are wholly and fully capably of this and it could potentially be a generation-wide shift in your family health and wellness.


Image: calcarea carbonia is a remedy for physical and mental overwork and is made from the inner layer of an oyster shell.