Holistic living in the time of COVID-19





Familia is “family” in spanish. But it's more than who we are born into. Growing up, we called everyone a cousin. And now my son asks “Like, cousin cousin?” It's the one-ness, the come over-ness, the door is always open-ness. 

The beauty of “familia” is that you choose them, slowly curating your people with each new experience. I don't take for granted that you choose me, and this holistically conscious and compassionate community. 

With this in mind, I wanted to update you and see if the following information resonates. It is a privilege to be here with you.



Homeopathy is an energetic form of remedy when we fill ill. Dr. George Carey, an American Homeopath, explored the chemistry of our body and how an imperfect chemistry can be the perfect residency for disease.  

My go-to for homeopathy at home is Joette Calabrese. Here is what she shared within the community right now.

Gelsemium 30c: Worry, distress, general feeling of being "off", sore throat and sneezing. May also be used as a prophylactic.

Aconite 30c + Bryonia 30c: Sudden illness, shock, dry croupy cough with "heavy" eyes and headache, body ache. 

 Ignatia 30c: Grief, debilitating worry and stress.



Lacy Phillips just released an interview on her podcast, Expanded with Karen Hurd, Nutritionalist.

Here is a list of suggestions to prevent becoming a host to viral disease.

No Sugar. Sugar, including fruits, can cause inflammation within an hour of eating it. In order to reduce inflammation in our body, we need to remove sugar from our diet to prevent illness.

Get toasty and don't fear the fever. Any RNA virus needs to be synthesized but will not be viable in a hot environment like our body. Wear a scarf, avoid drafts, cover your ears outside and drink warm drinks.



Elise Loehnen of Goop released a special episode with Health Journalist Matt Richtel and highlighted 3 areas that we can mindfully balance our immune system. Here are three free ways to keep in balance. 

Stress Awareness : Adopt a meditation practice. 5-10 minutes of meditation and long, deep belly breaths every day send a signal of balance to the brain.

Sleep : Lack of sleep keeps adrenals going (inflammation). Cold sores are key indicators of an imbalanced immune system.

Nutrition : Stick to balanced, stick to natural. Processed foods cause an over reactive immune system.



When we are globally and emotionally connected, we have the capacity to influence each others beliefs and emotional experiences. Here are some HD center to keep in mind:


Defined Ajna : You can't turn off your thoughts or worry. You can easily be influenced with worry from an open center who already forgot what they said. Curate mindfully. Keep to a couple of trusted sources. 

UnDefined Spleen : You mirror peoples fears and can be easily overtaken by them. Stay objective. Observe. Become a witness and help pull out the spidey senses from your defined spleen sisters.



A lot of us are having roles reversed right now. You may have kids and parents to balance in your life. You may need to just re-calibrate what your needs are right now. Its totally normal. I want to make sure you are having your needs met right now too.

I formerly worked managing a team of 17 and my favorite part was helping them reach their fullest potential. Now I have Human Design, Homeopathy and running a business under my belt. I am here to share. 

If you have a need for support, but don't know where to start. You can text me or DM me. I'll answer back. I've added my direct line here. (805) 729-6168.


xo Alison