Empowerment Using Boundaries: A Human Design Perspective

Human Design is a practical approach to living in alignment with your natural flow of energy.


Sometimes its hard to remember that we are all individualized beings living as humans, but there are pretty amazing nuances that help to keep us connected to our path, our purpose and also to one another. 


Our human design charts are a mix of defined and undefined energy centers. Defined centers are where the energy is always “on" and undefined areas go off and on depending on our environment, the people influencing us and the energy we digest (either foods, entertainment or moods).


 Our undefined centers show us where we have to define our boundaries.


With 9 centers total, there can be up to 9 areas that are undefined! And for those of us with undefined spleens, it shows us that we need to build clear boundaries with what is bad for us and for our health. It's a super sense.






The spleen is the keeper of preservation and our immune system. It's no longer about intuiting survival, rather its about awareness of how to evolve for longevity.


An undefined spleen is a sensitivity to what is best for our evolution. A defined spleen is an awareness of what is bad for us in the now.


The idea is that once we as individuals define our own personal boundaries, splenic or otherwise, we will model to our children and our society how to learn to build their own.


The energy of our planet will shift from preying on men, women and children with undefined boundaries through products, stories, and foods that are bad for us and shift to the energy of preservation, nourishment and vitality.







How can someone find out if they have undefined centers?





One of my favorite specialists is Karen Curry Parker, who offers a free download



One of the first things you will notice, is areas that are completely white, called undefined, and areas that are colored, called defined.  Those white areas are your loose boundaries and the defined areas are where you are pretty firm with your boundaries.







Human Design charts look like a foreign language, where do people even start?




Remember this is your energy to experiment with, there are no wrong ways to experiment but there may be personal preferences to how you take in new information.


Admire Yourself: The moment you see your chart for the first time, you finally learn why you have strong boundaries or why you feel it's been a little bit of a learning curve. Notice how much of your chart is defined whether its more in your mind or knowing-ness vs definition in your root and sacral where you are driven to take action before much thought.


Meet Your Authority: Much of our social structure has taught us to trust an outer authority. When we are born, our authority was our parents, when we started school, it was our teacher, when we got sick, it was our doctor, when we sought faith, it was our church. We were trained to seek outside ourself. But with energy design, the authority is within you. You are the hands of Source energy.





I've been experimenting and I want to dive deeper, what's next?




The most powerful daily practice can be found with the PHS.


PHS stands for Primary Health System. It encompasses environment, nutrition, motivation and cognition. 


Environment: Human Design shows us that we have particular environments that best support how our natural energy flows. Much of this is due to the nervous and emotional systems evolution. Some people thrive in enclosed spaces referred to as “Caves” while others need expansiveness, like “Mountains”. There are a total of 6 environments total: Caves, Markets, Kitchens, Mountains, Valleys and Shores. The right environment will bring out activity or bring about serenity.


Nutrition: Yes, you can even discover the best foods to eat, times of day and frequency of eating for your energy design. My personal belief is that the collective is asking us to re-evaluate the energy of the food we eat all-together. The Native Indigenous people aligned food with energy - birds like turkey for quickness vs grazing animals for grounding energy. Either way, the energy from which they are raised will matter to your own personal energetic expression. If you need to slow down, for example, you many take a break from foods that move or startle quickly like fish and chicken.


Motivation: This is an individualized approach in your life via what you are motivated by. All beings are motivated along an arc in life. We start on one side of the rainbow and move along towards the opposite side. There is no right or wrong side as a starting point, just as awareness of what motivates you. 


Cognition: This is an awareness via taking in through the body called “Internal” or awareness via taking in of the environment, “External”


Whatever your approach, you can rest assure that life giving energy is within every cell of your body and whatever the story of you has been up until today, there is infinite depth to your magnificence.


About Alison Marina


It's been 7 years since I first started experimenting with Human Design. I've raised my son according to his design and I have personally honored the business of Salud with the same approach. And as we all know, boundaries are key in defining who are as unique individuals and also who we are not. 
Part of my design is to inspire others to revitalize their vitality of life through responsiveness vs initiating. This happens holistically, within the physical body and also helping to reveal the clarity designed within others. Which is why you can now work directly with me, 1 on 1. 

For more personalized readings, there is an open invitation to join me for a customized personal session to learn more about your unique design.