Rewilding: 5 Ways to Restore your Feminine Intuition

Rewilding. I like this theme a lot. It's not the last you'll see of it because I am also on a journey to rewild my role as a woman and all the beauty that comes with that magical role on this planet.


Rewilding is allowing an environment the room to return to its natural state. There are plenty of books and workshops that talk about this concept for women and mothers. They talk about ecstatic, tantric, raw practices for this release. But it's not etheric, because there is nothing to release. Its living, forever more, inside us - it's in our bones. Its been passed through our mother's womb and living as a ledger of truth that will one day return to the earth again, to fertilize the soil that supports life. Its not afraid, but it is wondering what it did to be exiled to the depths of our psyche. 


If there is one theme that is just yearning to be felt, it's the theme of the feminine boundary and taking her rightful space. Every time we stand up for our children, our partner, and especially ourselves, we are taking action to inscribe our bones with the truth that no woman hereafter will have to forgo her own personal boundaries for another. I will stand up for myself with compassion and kindness so that every women in my fractal will feel the capacity to do the same.


To kick off this journey, here are some potentially provocative starting points. See what feels like an edge for you and take the leap into the wild.


moon over the ocean with waves crashing down the center of the water

Uno (1)
Track Your Cycle


It is no coincidence the moon cycle and menstrual cycles are around 28 days. The moon is an outward guidepost for women all over the world, thanks to indigenous women that have kept this wisdom alive for generations. That rhythm lives is us even now.  For women, tracking the phases of your cycle has beautiful links to the nourishment of our female body and all our ancestors. Detox your body from synthetic hormones and build back trust in your body and your boundaries.
There are 4 phases:
Phase 1: Menstrual Phase / Day 1 
Eat meats, greens & beans and vitamin c to replenish your immune system. I supplement with Radiant Life Grass Fed Bovine Liver pills during this week only.
Phase 2: Follicular Phase / Day 7
Eat avocado & nuts to promote healthy egg and cell development. Pack your egg for her journey to either fertilization or fertile release from your body. 
Phase 3: Ovulation Phase / Day 14
Eat potatoes, chickpeas, dates & vitamin c to support your quick energy bursts and minerals to promote healthy fertilization.
Phase 4: Luteal  Phase / Day 21
Eat fatty fish & fiber to gently bring all those extra hormones back to balance and back out of your system.

Rewild our moon cycle.



pregnant woman wearing a bikini bottom at the beach with her arms crossed across her chest.

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Get High on Your Own Oxytocin


A woman's body was formed to birth through the vaginal canal. Her body works with the baby to become in synch for its entrance into this world. Baby just spent the last 9 or so months learning the scent of mother's hormones, the sounds of her heartbeat and voice, the feel of her warmth in the womb and finally the trust that the birth and separation will prove to synch their bonded heartbeat beyond the womb. Not sure if you are ready for that? Join a Pregnancy Support Circle by Khayla Bhagya, certified doula of Magick Birth. Rewild our womb.


two young, latina women standing cheek to cheek and staring ahead with smiles on their faces.

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Show Off Your Bi (or tri or multi) Lingual Skills


Have you ever had someone come up and speak to you in broken english? Did you get annoyed that they were trying and failing or did you appreciate the effort of communication? In my work, I get to use my spanish skills working with our local seamstress Noemi. She is always lovingly correcting me with my conjugations, but she continues to encourage me to use my voice instead of the translation app. Do more of that. Translate your posts, translate your videos, dub them or just load another version in another language - ask your friends and family if you can pay them to transcribe in another language. Break barriers to connect. It's what we women do. Rewild our communication.

 a couple facing each other with the man wearing a striped hoodie and kissing the woman


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PDA with Your Partner


In a world where violence is a part of daily news, where marriage is “jokingly” depicted as a wife who disparages her husband on any media network or greeting cards, choose passionate love for that person who wants to co-create a life with you. Make your children grow up losing count of how many times they heard you say “I love you” to your partner. It may be their Dad, it may be a step parent, but what matters is they heard and saw you model the world you want to be a part of. Let's embarrass people with love. Awaken the desire to bring in passion and attraction. To model devotion to those who chose to be in our life.  Who wants to care about you and wants you to care about them. It's clear that we have been experiencing the depths of collective tension and fear, but we are also blessed with this capacity to love and care for another person. One day we will be looking back on our life well lived, maybe a little wrinkled and rickety, but we will have said we never missed a kiss, a walk, or a laugh with our loves. Rewild our affection.


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Take a Huge Leap of Faith


You will either have a breakthrough, a breakdown or a break up. 


One of my biggest leaps of faith was choosing to make my son a priority. When he was young, I told myself I wanted to be at home with him full time during elementary school instead of giving everything I had to my job. I didn't like dropping him off early and only getting to spend dinner and an hour before bed with him. Not this lifetime. I want to squeeze every life experience out of this bond of ours during this age of his.  I started my business when he was in 1st grade and have always been there to pick him up (and now as his teacher in homeschool). I've been through the breakdown, breakups and breakthroughs and I wouldn't change a thing.


Every step of ours will take us closer to our  North Star, trust and connect with your next steps until you can feel it driving you from within.


Rewild our intuitive.