Salud x GinaSobel "Reyna" Earrings

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Reyna means "Queen" of spanish origin.

  • Each one-of-a-kind set is hand created by Gina Sobel of Island of Small Things.
  • Sustainably sourced wood from a family farm run in South Georgia where the family manages the land.
  • Every cut of wood is milled and dried by the family farm.
  • Dark color of this wood comes from the black walnut tree
  •  13/4" length
  • Materials: Sustainably sourced black walnut, brass and vintage rhinestones
  • One tree planted for every purchase of the Salud x GinaSobel collection through

About the Designer: 

Gina Sobel is a creative designer and artist, musician and deeply connected to the harmony of the world around us. She learned music at a young age from her father and enjoys reconnecting with the land. She is inspired by the possibilities of creativity when you recycle and upcycle with simple, natural inspired forms.