Salud x Zepplin the Label “Melodi” Earrings

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Melodi means "song” from greek origin and is from the “Proteggimi” collection, which is Italian meaning “protect me”. 

  • Each one-of-a-kind set is hand created by Anna Zepplin of Zepplin the Label.
  • Hand assembled in Oceanside, CA
  •  1 1/2” length
  • Materials: Gold filled, ceramic pearl

About the Designer: 

Anna Zepplin is a jewelry designer based in Oceanside, CA. She is a mother to two and lives on a homestead where she grows fruit trees and veggies on a micro farm designed by her husband. Our paths crossed when her designs caught my eye at a local event, but our shared interests run deep into the health and wellness of our planet’s soil. Each hand made creation is built in her San Diego studio and is one-of-a-kind, for the conscious creative.