Isla Body Oil

Isla Body Oil

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Isla is a special batch of pikake infused body oil by Salud.  Sourced from the Garden Isle of Kaua'i Hawai'i by a woman named Sarah, the pikake, a sister flower of jasmine, is full of the rich, floral sweetness of the beautiful land of fertility. 

Blended with the organic sesame oil, that is sourced from a family run farm in Mexico, this special edition blend is an offer of the most delicate resources of our planet that have been cared for by loving hands. It is clean skincare at its finest, artisanal offering. 


Use the dropper to dispense into the palm of your hand and generously apply all over your body, hands and hair. 

Benefits + Usage

  • Sesame oil is a source of zinc and omega fatty acids to support skin elasticity
  • Sesame oil is considered to be the "Queen of oils"
  • Sesame seeds are the oldest source of seed oils and were used 5000 years ago
  • Excellent source to remove heavy sun screen after daily use
  • Apply a dropper amount to hair before sun exposure to minimize UV rays and sun damage. 
  • Massage into the roots of your hair for gentle mineral benefits
  • Apply to the tips of your hair to minimize dry ends 



*sesame oil,  *pikake essential oil, crystal quartz
*certified organic ingredient

Small Batch Manufacturing

This formula is hand batched in Southern California.

  • Made in USA of imported ingredients
  • 8 fl oz / 236.5 ml
  • Hand poured in California



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