About Salud

Salud = "A toast to our health", Spanish origin

Welcome to SALUD, a natural skin care collection hand-poured in California by Alison Rojas Metcalfe. While studying the impact of synthetics on the physical body during her career in sustainable fashion, it was clear that less is more when it came to what we put on our skin. Unwilling to part from the quality that luxury skincare provides, there was a desire to create a thoughtfully new offering that placed organic ingredients and botanical fragrances, with a truly sensory experience, at the center of clean skincare. Every formula is inspired by the terroir of Southern CA - from sweet organic oranges, to delicate jasmine and rose essence. Enjoy the holistic experience of SALUD, made to relax, uplift and inspire.

You can find Salud on instagram @saludshoppe.


The Skin Care Process:
Each bottle is hand poured and reiki charged in small batches right in my California studio. 

I received my Reiki 1 certification in 2019 and Reiki 2 training in 2020. Since then, I have been honoring the seasonal cycles of the moon with each batch. I believe that everything we touch receives an energetic footprint, and I take my role in the process with much appreciation for those who handled the ingredients and packaging before me.  

The Sewing Team:

Salud sewing partnerships support woman-owned, fair wage, transparent operations and you can find their information listed under each product on our website. Made to order pieces are shipped directly from the design offices to customers around the world.

Commitment to Natural Fabrics:

Natural fibers will decompose in a compost garden in about 4 months. Linen, cotton, silk and hemp have each been tested and have shown to disappear completely back into the soil. From my experience in conventional materials, we know the half life of a synthetic polyester is about 20 to 200 years, depending on environmental factors like moisture and heat.  That's why Salud will remain committed to sustainable, natural materials and have partnered with the most innovative material suppliers in the world to bring to you premium organic and recycled materials that meet top standards in color, performance and quality. 

Plastic-Free Packaging:

Skin Care: All skin care is bottled in UV light-proof, violet glass bottles from Miron Glass, based in the Netherlands. All toppers are BPA-free components, which pair to increase the shelf life of each product. 
Salud Deodorant Cream is packaged in aluminum-free, stainless steel, reusable tins. 

Apparel: For all apparel products, domestic and international supply chain partners responsibly manufacture recycled and non-toxic trims, labels, hang tags and shipping materials.

Our Chemical Management:

Restricted substance lists (RSL) as shared by the AAFA guide our day to day decisions on toxic chemicals in apparel. Salud is committed to pesticide-free, GMO-free materials and non-toxic beauty ingredients.
Kindness, Love and [e]quality:

Love, Openness, Kindess and Unity are the values that drive the Salud community.