Human Design: The 7 Authorities

Intuition is the ability to understand something without conscious reasoning. In human design, this is referred to as your “authority”. There are 7 authorities in human design, which all stem from the belief that our evolutionary trajectory is into a form of Omniscience, or, intuitive all-knowing


Emotional Authority:

A rush of excitement will tempt you to say yes (and huge disappointments will make you want to say no). Always trust that you will make the right decision by waiting until the emotional rush has passed while in a state of calm.

Ra would refer to the emotional authority as a space where you can never decide in the now, whether from a high of excitement or the low of feeling upset. This is particularly challenging for children who can be seen as dramatic. They will almost always want to make decisions while riding their emotional waves. It's important for parents to remind them to take a minute to find their calm and see if they still feel the same about their decision.


Splenic Authority:

When something stops you in your tracts, causing you to investigate or react, trust the impulse of your awareness. The moment will come in the split second so you don't need to "ask for more signs". This authority is found only in the charts of Projectors and Manifestors.

Ra would refer to this authority as the survival instinct. This intuitive hit would be set off like an alarm, but not always for emergencies. Sometimes it's just a hit of knowingness from within. When you are living in alignment with your splenic authority, you can start feeling like you are having premonitions about the most mundane things - and you will be right!


Sacral Authority:

When you aren't sure about something, you will push energy to your mind to "think about it" in order to make a decision. Instead, trust that your gut will always guide you towards the right path (and the right use of your energy). This authority is only found in the charts of Generators and Manifesting Generators.

Ra has stressed the importance of trusting your gut as your personal authority and never relying on outside authorities. This is especially important as we near the transitional time of 2027 and our collective shift to the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix.


Environmental (Mental) Authority:

You surround yourself with quality people, but should refrain from the temptation of taking anyone's advice in the moment. You have to speak from the right interactions with the outer world, so you can listen to (and take) your own advice.

Your decisions are only as good as the people and places you spend time in - making this the only "outside" authority within human design charts. This authority is only found in a small population of Projectors and Reflectors.

Ra goes so far as to say that the Mental Authority is not an inner authority at all. So people with this authority do not have an inner compass, instead you have an intentionally built system to engage with those around you. Ra explains, "You cannot afford to enter into anything in the moment." Because you do not have an inner authority, he stresses the importance of sampling your invitations through others.


Self Projected Authority:

Its healthy to spitball and even change your mind when you are making your decisions. Speak aloud all options until you hear the truth of a "yes" and "no" where you see clearly your direction in life. This authority is found in Projectors.

Ra explains, "You are here to trust your spontaneous utterances." You have clarity about your self expression and your direction in life that can not be controlled by anyone else, but it can be invited. This is an interesting position as a Projector because you may feel like you can initiate your interactions with the world, but you will still need to be invited into that path through life.


Ego Projected Authority:

It's not selfish to ask, "What's in it for me?" If you don't see a personal benefit to the outcome, it's not a "yes", it's a "no". Your authority has a manifesting quality to speak what you will go get/ go have / go possess. This authority is found in Manifestors.

Ra speaks of this authority as someone having a real sense of importance. While very rare, this authority seeks to be the one in control because it deserves to be free of control by others. Most children with this authority would be so conditioned by parents to follow the rules and follow the parental or school authority it could results in tension from an early age. This is a perfect opportunity to observe the power this authority provides when it is in alignment with your sense of self (and acting a little selfish).


Lunar Authority:

Last minute, you? No thanks. Like our moon, you need a full lunar cycle of 28 days to allow the full energy of your "yes" or "no" to be revealed without pressure. This authority is found only in Reflectors.

There are 64 gates and 6 profile lines that the moon moves through within a year. When a Reflector has to make a decision on any residential move, romantic or business partnership or new job, the significance of the day is recorded, which the remaining 28 days is a time of review. The reason for this is to allow your lunar authority to sample the decision across the gates as the moon makes its journey. Once you have sampled this decision with different gate energies, you can tell if it will be a yes or no. Having a strong support system and accountability buddy is helpful during this time to circumvent any rushed decision making.



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