Family Session ( 1 HR / Returning Client)

Family Session ( 1 HR / Returning Client)

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Family Design sessions were created to help bring into awareness your energy design so the way you integrate with your family feels in harmony with your inner consciousness.

In this session:

You will enjoy full access in a one hour block of time for guidance with your personal design essence. This is 1-1 time with pure, intentional Projector Aura.


What is included:

(1) 60 Min Zoom Call

About Alison

I am a 5/1 Projector energy type with a mental authority. I feel a deep connection to the process of human design and the gene keys as a tool to better understand how our unique energy was designed to support our physical, emotional and mental well-being. My approach is a gentle, compassionate approach to forgiving our past beliefs to enter into a completely new perspective of life through our energy design that we can express fully.