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Paloma Practice Collection

Certified Organic. Made to Order. Made for Your Practice.

Peace of Mind

Salud translates to “A toast to your health” in Spanish.  

Each product celebrates health through peace of mind as a state of being, a state of alignment and balance.

So every step of the process in making Salud products, honors that within your body, within your mind and within the spirit of us all.

I believe, if your path has brought you to Salud, it’s because it is resonating with the part of you that brings peace and there is no greater service I can provide than that. 

xo, Alison

Salud x Tierney Moses

Introducing a silk scarf collaboration with la artista, Tierney Moses

Thank you for supporting a woman-owned business

Every purchase is an investment in a woman to have her voice and vision shared with the world.



Experience the collection of beautifully natural skin care products. Every bottle is thoughtfully formulated using organic ingredients.

Hand poured in California.

Free of synthetic colors and fragrances. Free of parabens, phthalates and sulfates. 

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Introducing the "Energy-Value- Exchange", E.V.E.

To shift Salud to be more rooted in the energetics of balanced economics, you may now purchase any Salud product or service with credits from volunteer hours, donations for causes you love, or trades of your skills and gifts.

Donate. Volunteer. Trade for Credit.

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Human design supports you as a wellness guide to better understand how your unique energy supports your personal truth from your mind to your body.

Enjoy a customized 90 min session & digital download for yourself, your family and children.

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Love this Cleaser!! Melts into your skin! If you follow the instructions and put a warm washcloth on top and let it steam for a minute, its an instant 60 second spa moment adn exactly what I needed. Oh and the smell is amazing and fresh.

Nicole Reyes

I love the Face Oil Serum! I have been using it for years and it is the best out of every other facial moisturizer I have tried. Leaves your skin feeling fresh, light, and healthy. No heavy greasy feeling. It's a must have for me!

Julie, Franklin TN.

The Jasmine + Floral mist smells divine and feels like such a lovely treat to spritz this on. I consider myself somewhat of a mist addict (lol) and have tried a zillion brands. This one wins! Just purchased my second bottle, with is a true endorsement for me. I'm hooked!