Commitment to Soil Health & Sustainability

 Lavender farm

Fair Pricing x Organic Luxury

Salud is committed to non-toxic, natural ingredients, fair wages and a simple yet luxurious organic experience at a fair price. 

Organic ingredients are sourced globally, directly from the farmers who are tending for the health of the soil from California, to Washington, Mexico and abroad.

Ingredients are selected specifically for their soil rich climate and aromatic profiles and are never swapped to achieve higher profits for us.

It is a conscious effort to pay for the best and work with the best because your body deserves the absolute best all year long. From the glass packaging, to the mindful energy that goes into the batching, every item is touched by hands that live with compassion and peacefulness.



 Bee on white flowers

% of Proceeds to The Bee Conservancy

The Bee Conservancy, formerly The Honeybee Conservancy, works to protect all bees and securing environmental and food justice through education, research, habitat creation, and advocacy. A percentage of monthly proceeds are donated on behalf of your purchase of Salud products and services.

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