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Family Session (New Client / Digital Files Only)

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Family Design sessions were created to help bring into awareness your energy design so the way you integrate with your family feels in harmony with your lifestyle and priorities.


In this session we will:

  • Learn the mechanics of your gene keys and human design as a parent
  • Identify your decision making power using your strategy and authority as a parent
  • Learn and build upon individual family roles.
  • Teach your children their inner/outer authority.
  • Define safe environments for everyone to thrive.
  • Understand individual learning styles for homeschool, independent study or classical education.

Founded upon the latest discoveries in the science of epigenetics, the central premises of the Gene Keys are that every human being has the capacity for spontaneous evolution, and that every human being carries an innate higher purpose in life hidden within our DNA.


What is included:

(2) Parent chart readings (Digital Files)

(1) Child chart readings (Digital File)



  • Additional child charts may be added in addition to this session. Select "Child Design - Additional Chart"
  • Please have your birth time, place and date available to send


What you will receive:

In a parent personal chart reading, you will receive the following guidance for personal energetic authority.  

  • Human Design Conscious and Subconscious Design
  • Gene Keys Activation and Pearl Sequence 
  • Environment and Digestion Type
  • Tools to awakening your family gifts and hold a higher standard of frequency

In a child chart reading, you will receive the following guidance for personal energetic authority.  

  • Human Design Type, Strategy and Authority
  • PHS Environment, Learning and Digestion Type
  • Tools to support child's higher standard of frequency

Your chart will be sent as a digital file. 

About Alison

I am a 5/1 Projector energy type with a mental authority and I lead with love. I feel a deep connection to the process of human design and the gene keys as a tool to better understand how our unique energy was designed to support our physical, emotional and mental well-being. My approach is a gentle, compassionate approach to forgiving our past beliefs to enter into a completely new perspective of life through our energy design that we can express fully.