April 1, 2020 : COVID-19 impact on business


I don't take for granted that you choose me, and this holistically conscious and compassionate community. These past few weeks I have pivoted between keeping the online shop open and just closing up until we are all collectively able to. It is with your unwavering support that I will remain in operation. 

With this in mind, I wanted to update you on how COVID-19 has impacted business.

Online orders are being shipped

As of April 1, 2020, online businesses can remain in operation while following the requirements for COVID-19 safety. I am handling all shipments with gloves and product is in sealed storage until shipped via USPS or UPS.

You have options. If you do not want to place orders or need to pull inward during this time, that is 100% ok. If you would like to continue to have your personal skin care available to you when you need it, I am here for that too. We can need both. We can change our minds. There is no right or wrong.

Personal safety and the preparation of goods

Like the food industry, there is a level of safety and handling as well as food handling certification that I follow with the products in the shop. While I anticipate the ability to grow the batching process in the coming months ahead, I am currently the only one handling the products through batching and shipment. All products are stored in air tight containers and are only handled with gloves upon shipment. 

Production and expansion

With your continued support, online direct and wholesale orders will be fulfilled in the same time as usual, within 5 days or less. I anticipate the production needs to grow towards the end of this year, at which time I will handle 1-1 training in a local industrial kitchen until I can move us all together into a space. That's the dream, that's the plan. 

Thank you for your continued support. You are part of a strong, resilient, highly intelligent holistic community and we will work together to remain deeply rooted during these winds of change.


- Alison Rojas Metcalfe